Configure 2 VLAN Network in Packet Tracer

Configure 2 VLAN Network in Packet Tracer

If you need to Configure 2 VLAN Network in Packet Tracer software, we already have implemented this scenario in packet tracer for you.

All you need to do is that send us a direct message and request to have this implemented scenario.

The support team is always online. We will respond to your requests immediately.

Besides, the can do any packet tracer implementation for you. Just explain your desired project’s details then our network team immediately will implement your packet tracer project.

Configure 2 VLAN Network in Packet Tracer Scenario

vlan network scenario
vlan network scenario

As shown in the above image, in this scenario we have 2 VLAN networks. The VLAN 10 and the VLAN 20 are our networks. We have configured all VLAN settings on the switch ports.

Besides the implemented scenario, the can serve you the all settings in a document. In this document, we will show you all the implementation steps separately. So also you can do this project by yourself.

If you need any packet tracer implementation, we are always online to help you. Just contact with us and explain your project’s details.

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How to Order Configure 2 VLAN Network in Packet Tracer?

In order to buy this ready scenario, you just need to follow below steps:

  • Send a direct message for us via the contact ways (Telegram or Email)
  • We will immediately respond to your message
  • Tell us which packet tracer scenario you want
  • We will agree on price of the project
  • The implemented scenario will send to the client
  • End

Contact Ways

In order to contact with us, send a direct message via below contact ways. We are always online and ready to help you.


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