Car Game C# Source Code

Car Game C# Source Code

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Best Car Game C# Source Code

car game c#
car game c#

In this post, we recommend you the car game C# project. In this project, there is a car in the playground. The player can easily control the car in the game.

If you want to speed up the car, push the W button.

In order to lower the speed, push the S button.

If you want to go to the right side, push the D button.

In order to go to the left side, push the A button.

You can see the images of the project below.

car game project
car game project

In the game, if the car goes over the coins, the player earns one point. But if the car crashs with the obstacles, the game will be over. So, avoid from the obstacles. In the game, when the time goes and the more coins the player gains, the difficulty of the game will go higher. At last when the car crashed the obstacles, the whole points until the crash time will show the player’s record.


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