C# Ping Pong Game Source Code

C# Ping Pong Game Source Code

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C# Ping Pong Game Source Code Details

ping pong game playground
ping pong game playground

In this game, there are two ping pong paddles. One paddle is at head of the game screen and the other is down the playground. The up paddle is for the computer player and the down paddle is for you as the player.

Also, there is a ping pong ball. The players should hit the ball with paddles. But they only can do this, when the ball comes to the near of the paddle. So the player can redirect the ball with the paddle. The paddle is controlled by the mouse only in horizontal direction.

The image of the playground is shown below.

c# ping pong game
c# ping pong game

When the ball crosses the up paddle, you make a point, otherwise when the ball crosses your paddle the computer player makes a point. We set 3 points to declare the winner. So any player who reaches 3 points will win the game.

Consider that, you can change this setting in the C# ping pong game source code. The points of the game are showing in the left part of the playground. Also there is a timer running in the right of the page. It shows the running time of the game.

At last, whenever you want to stop the game, you only need to click the game screen. By another click, the game will continue to work.


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