Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the newest and amazing technologies.

By creating bitcoin, the field of electronic currency has been started.

While BTC has so many benefits in money transferring, it also has a huge potential to make profits.

In this article of the, we will discuss about BTC and so many details around this cryptocurrency.


What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency.

You can use this cryptocurrency to send digital money from one wallet to another.

In BTC payments, we use bitcoin address.

These addresses are unique. It means that, one person’s address is completely different from the others.

To make a payment process, we need the destination address.

This currency is the digital shape of real money.

It has its special structure and so many details.

The difference between real money (banking system) and crypto system, is that, in banking system, we have the bank as the supervisor for transactions. But in the crypto system, we don’t have such authorities.

In the crypto system, they use a decentralized mechanism to send and receive money.

Also in this structure, no one can’t trace other person’s transactions.


Where to use bitcoin?

new era with cryptocurrencies
new era with cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, we can use BTC in so many cases.

For example, we can use this cryptocurrency in these fields:

  • Online shopping (buy tickets, cloths, order foods, …)
  • Investment
  • Send and receive money all around the world

Usage of BTC, every day is increasing.

Now, there are millions of people that use this cryptocurrency in their daily life.

It is foreseen that, in next three years or at last one decade later, everyone will have a connection with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


How many cryptocurrencies do we have?

Besides bitcoin, we have so many other cryptocurrencies.

The other cryptocurrencies than that BTC, are called “ALTCOIN”.

Everyone can buy and use all kind of cryptocurrencies.


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